Different types of wagons for kids

If your children are past the age where they can sit in a stroller for hours without complaining consider getting them a kids’ wagon. A wagon is a simple basket-like item that is large enough for at least one child to sit in. Parents push or pull the wagon around to the children’s delight. This is a great solution for longer trips and for children that are in that awkward stage between riding in a stroller and fully walking independently.

But what wagon should you choose? There are so many different types and numerous variables to consider. You need to decide on the size (whether it should be single, double or even larger) and on what type of surfaces you are going to use it on. Wagons come in many different designs, from general-purpose utility wagons to wagons with special seating areas and seatbelts. You can find reviews of various kid equipment on the LilleNord website.

Collapsible wagon

Collapsible wagons are usually made from some kind of fabric with a metal or plastic frame. They are easy to store, making them a better choice if you think you might need to put the wagon in the trunk from time to time. However, they are not the sturdiest type. Always check the maximum weight specified by the maker on each model but chances are that if you want to transport two children or more then you will need to buy something stronger.

Wagon for twins

If you have twins then you need to make sure that the wagon you buy will be large enough to comfortably carry them both. There are many cute designs of twins wagons – for example, a wagon designed like a train with each seat in a separate carriage. With larger wagons it is important to check the material they are made from and what are the maximum size and weight.


Wagons meant for riding on rough terrains, such as sandy beaches, should have large wheels to make them easier to push/pull in any conditions. The tires need to be stable. Additionally, if you plan on taking the wagon somewhere out of town for longer periods, consider purchasing one that has an attachable canopy. Keeping your kids in the shade will protect them from painful sunburns.

No matter what type you choose, it is undeniable that having a wagon is going to be easier on you than arguing with your child to get in the stroller. Not only you can put some of your other luggage in there for your kid to hold onto, but the child will also have much more fun. A wagon like that has a multitude of potential usages too, especially if you go for an all-around utility wagon. When your kids grow too big you can always repurpose it as a wagon simply meant for carrying things. You can use it for dragging around tools when doing work in the garden or make your children carry their own things with it.